Selected Works


Hannig, Anita. 2017. Beyond Surgery: Injury, Healing, and Religion at an Ethiopian Hospital. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Winner of the 2018 Eileen Basker Memorial Prize, Society for Medical Anthropology, American Anthropological Association.

Public Media

Hannig, Anita. 2017. “Death and Dying 101.” Sapiens, October 3.

Republished by Undark Magazine under “Talking about Death: An Anthropologist’s View.” Featured in The New York Times “What We’re Reading” section.

Podcasts & TV & Miscellany

“Would you lie to your loved one about dying? Awkwafina’s ‘The Farewell’ raises complex questions.” Interview for USA TODAY, 2019.

“Thinking through Medical Aid-in-Dying.” Interview for Cultural Anthropology, 2019.

“Bodies: Ghostbot.” Flash Forward podcast, hosted by Rose Eveleth, 2019.

“How Death Disappeared from Halloween.” Interview for The Washington Post, October 31, 2018.

“White Noise”. Long Before the End podcast, hosted by Michael Hamilton and Jed Beitler, 2018.

“Beyond Surgery.” New Books Network podcast, hosted by Erin Freas-Smith, 2017.

“Last Rights.” Interview for Chronicle, WCVB Channel Five, hosted by Anthony Everett, 2017.

“The Craft of Writing.” This Anthro Life podcast, hosted by Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins, 2017.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Hannig, Anita. 2019. “Author(iz)ing Death: Medical Aid-in-Dying and the Morality of Suicide.” Cultural Anthropology 34(1): 53–77.

Heller, Alison, and Anita Hannig. 2017. “Unsettling the Fistula Narrative: Cultural Pathology, Biomedical Redemption, and Inequities of Health Access in Niger and Ethiopia.” Anthropology & Medicine 24(1): 81-95.

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Hannig, Anita. 2014. “Spiritual Border Crossings: Childbirth, Postpartum Seclusion, and Religious Alterity in Amhara, Ethiopia.” Africa 84(2): 294–313.

Hannig, Anita. 2013. “The Pure and the Pious: Corporeality, Flow, and Transgression in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.” Journal of Religion in Africa 43(3): 297–328.